Atmosphere Sky

Air Treatment System

The Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System sets a new standard for home air quality with Inteliflow, our unique internal air circulation system. Inteliflow combines our particle sensor with a three-stage filtration system and a unique motor housing, resulting in cleaner air.

Wireless Air Monitoring and Control.

Particle Sensor Technology
gives you wireless air monitoring and control from anywhere in the country.

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Customer Feedback

This filter is so amazing, I can't even... It's better than every other filter that is custom designed


 It comes with one carbon pre-filter. I would recommend purchasing some more pre-filers


 The company replaced the filter immediately, as in 2-day's time, tops. High praise for that. That's an amazing turn-around. 



Great Product!!

I am loving the Atmosphere Sky Air treatment System. I set it up in my breakfast area next to the kitchen. The quality of the air has improved greatly. I am considering buying another one for the living room. It is easy to set up too.